Comic 90 - Chapter 2, page 24.

27th Aug 2014, 2:54 PM
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Chapter 2, page 24.
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Bloomer 27th Aug 2014, 2:54 PM edit delete
Gawd I can't believe how much trouble I'm having, like wtf! So the first 3 weeks after my last update I decided to put all drawing aside to study for a test for my job (which I spoke about on my 'sometimes1stuff' tumblr thing), I totally failed despite studying my ass off but after that I came down with a weird head-cold. Gave me all kind of retinal migraines and couldn't focus on anything without getting a headache, not sure if it just lasted for a while or what, but I couldn't get around to doing anything and I still have a super obnoxious migraine.
So, sorry guys, I've been trying to get this done but I was just having a bit of trouble along the way. If similar things happen again I will attempt to update about it on the blog I mentioned.

I should totally get into the horror movie business, that last scene is the perfect generic "ooooo scary!" scene you see in 90% of scary ghost movies.
What Julian sees is not supernatural, he's just off his nut a bit. (OR IS IT SUPERNATURAL!!!! -queues x-files theme-)

This migraine is kinda getting to me, so I'm going to go drug up and make it worse by studying... or lay down maybe if that fails.


@Alicia: Yes, never rob someone conservatively religious, you will be destroyed by the entire town by the next day. (Julian was lucky because he gets hammy sympathy points for having a stereotypically sad background with no parents to guide him on the right path to being a good Christian)

Pfffff thank you! I try... sometimes maybe!

@bejjinks: Heavens no! My brain is not sophisticated enough for those kind of powerfully, original stories. (also there aren't enough chicks in this story for that, it's almost a total sausagefest)
But what'chu talkin about? Shoving food in peoples faces is totally the coolest Christian thing to do these days, all the totally hip, popular kids do it. Matt's a kool kat, he gets all da ladies with that level of sick skillz! -flips on shades-


Alicia 27th Aug 2014, 5:19 PM edit delete reply
Woah. Ouch. Well things aren't looking better for him, that's for sure. 0_0;
bejjinks 27th Aug 2014, 5:38 PM edit delete reply
A Chick Tract is a religious pamphlet. Mr. Chick made several cartoons to pass out to heathens to try and convert them.