Comic 93 - Chapter 2, page 27.

9th Oct 2014, 5:48 PM
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Chapter 2, page 27.
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Author Notes:

Bloomer 9th Oct 2014, 5:48 PM edit delete
Woah holy crap! Things have been crazy.
Worked all 7 days last week, had one day off on Monday, then went straight back to work. I actually got this finished while I was at work (and typed this comment thing here too). Also I have school Monday night, Wednesday night, and most of the day Saturday and Sunday.
So I haven't had time to do aaaaaanything as far as personal drawing goes, it's kind of frustrating but I'm getting paid so it's kind of not. Once I get done with these weekend classes I'm sure I'll be way more relaxed.
Also I just wanted to add that I figured out how to make an 'Extras' link thingy for crap stuff I drew of my characters, just as a warning some of the pics are slightly on the fruity side. Thought I may as well, and it wasn't as difficult as I anticipated.

Sorry if it's hard to understand what's going on in this page, I didn't think it though too well.
Eve is brave to go near a wild aminal, who knows what he'd do with rabbis and other possible diseases. She's probably just happy to see someone that is just a aggravated with Matt as she is.

Sooo I'm going to be starting another page ASAP, but I'm not sure how close that will be and I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish, soooooooooooooooo I hope you guys are alright with waiting. I'm sorry! Someday I'll be able to get back on a one page a week schedule... someday.


Older comments:

@Alicia: Oh man, drawing the outdoors is so nice! A good excuse to not use proper perspective, no straight lines. Hell yeah!... unless you're drawing buildings or something, then that kinda sucks...
But you're good at drawing background stuff, just practice. (cuz we kinda all need that. <_<)

Naaah man, if he would have stayed longer they would have offered him their initiation, fruit punch! It's one of those kind of churches. -hinthintbadjokehinthint- It would have been awesome, he could have been like... their next messiah or something.
Cuz that's how that works, right?

Sorry about the late response! D:

@bejjinks: Yes, Julian's brain is a little sick, it need to take some cold medicine before it turns into pneumonia.

Sorry about the late response to this! xC

New comment:

@bejjinks: It's a little of everything. Other than his Celiac disease, Julian's stomach is overly sensitive, since all he usually eats is raw veggies because he's too lazy to actually make substantial meals for himself. So anything outside of the range of what he normally eats makes his stomach at least a little bubbly. Also he's hungry, and smoking doesn't help much.
He's like a crappy china doll with ambitions of being a real boy... sort of ambitions... actually it might be more accurate to say half-assed delusions.